Exclusive Memberships

The Future of Rewards

Businesses offer membership cards with rewards, perks & member-only benefits

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Building exclusivity like never before.

Businesses create exclusive membership rewards cards without spending a dollar.

Benefits for businesses offering (NFT) membership cards
  • $0
    Upfront cost to create your cards
  • Unlimited
    Cash flow potential from every sale of Membership Cards (NFTs)
  • Investment
    The upfront investment from customers increases repeat revenue
How to Earn

Membership Cards (NFTs)

Spend Points
Earn points for every dollar spent at businesses on Amaze.
Buy with Crypto
Purchase using a bank account or credit card inside of Amaze.
Win via Air Drops
Participate in Drops by completing actions & sharing.

The Excitement is now.

Amaze brings exclusive rewards to life.

NFT market growth from Q2 to Q3 in 2021*
US Adults redeemed digital rewards in 2021*
spent on local business marketing last year alone
Rewarding customer loyalty

Being treated like a VIP every time

Hyperlocal Discovery

Discover the best exclusive rewards that your favorite spots offer

Membership rewards

Businesses & customers can finally invest in each other...it's a win-win
Membership Cards

Endless Rewards

Powerful, fully customizable customer rewards for every size & type of business

“We loved the flex-based layout. What a time-saver!”

Jonathan Wilson
Los Angeles Customer

“We were up 50% after just one month.”

Joanna Williamson
Los Angeles Customer
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Source: https://www.reuters.com/technology/nft-sales-surge-107-bln-q3-crypto-asset-frenzy-hits-new-highs-2021-10-04/

Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/273226/number-of-adult-digital-coupon-users-in-the-us/

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