Memberships made simple

Simplify the membership experience for both you and your customers

Setup in a snap

With intuitive tools and step-by-step guidance, you can have your program up and running in no time.

Customize perks

Easily create, modify, and fine-tune perks to match your restaurant's unique offerings.

Detailed insights

Gain profound insights into your restaurant's loyalty program performance with our platform

Better Business Decisions

From customer behavior to engagement analytics, our robust reporting tools provide you with a comprehensive view of your program's impact.


All Features

Discover the full spectrum of features our platform has to offer. From membership customization to detailed reporting, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools


Integrate our platform seamlessly with your business' Point of Sale (POS) system.


Connect with POS, CRM, and marketing tools to create a unified ecosystem that maximizes your membership programs.


Use our built-in scanner to verify memberships and prevent fraud.


Integrated payment options allow you to keep everything centralized.


See where your customers are most engaged across all your programs and campaigns

Export Data

Your data is yours. Export it to csv or connect to a variety of third party tools.


Know exactly how much customers are spending and what they're buying.

Granular Detail

Specific insights for each card and perk type give you the level of detail you need.


Tailor your loyalty program with precision by customizing perks that resonate with your restaurant's unique offerings and your customers' preferences.


From logo integration to color schemes, our platform lets you maintain a consistent and professional look


Effortlessly manage the distribution of membership cards, coupons, and promotional materials with our platform's distribution customization features


Our platform provides the flexibility to customize pricing tiers and options, allowing you to cater to different customer segments and maximize your revenue potential.