Retail memberships made easy

Our platform empowers retail businesses create membership programs with custom perks that make their customers feel special and build a community that wants to share the exclusive benefits with others.
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Everything Retail business owners need to succeed.

Create a membership program for your VIP's or friends & family so their experience gives them something to brag about after every visit

Membership stored in Apple & Google wallet
Perks including discounts, spending credit, & free giveaways integrated directly into your POS

Features for the modern customer

Improve your restaurant's loyalty efforts with our state-of-the-art features, designed to create engaging and personalized customer experiences

Customize perks

Our platform lets you craft unique benefits for each membership, so your customers receive perks that perfectly fit their preferences.


Send notifications directly to your members from our user-friendly dashboard, designed to enhance the customer relationship.

Add to wallet

Empower your customers to store and access memberships, loyalty cards, and event tickets with ease in their digital wallets, enhancing convenience and engagement.

Integrated payment

Your customers can use their membership cards to pay with their on-file payment method. No more waiting around at the end of the meal.